Wednesdays @Tras Health + Wellness Talks

On July 20 2016, Naturopathic Physician Dr Taylor Bean will be sharing her expertise on skin and gut health. Do you have or know someone who is struggling with skin conditions like eczema? Or just wondering how to heal your gut?

Skin conditions like eczema are complex that can shift with the right holistic and sustainable approach. Having the right community can make the difference.

Dr Bean is passionate about gut health and keeps updated on the latest on the MTHFR mutation that may come into play. Perhaps this genetic mutation is part of the puzzle for you? Read more about the MTHFR mutation here. Here is the What Therapy interview with Dr Taylor Bean to find out more about her approach and philosophy.

Wednesdays @ Tras is a series of Health + Wellness Talks organized by What Therapy to share a diverse range of information from different modalities and on different well-being topics. Held on Wednesday night at Pure Tincture's Tras location, this is an intimate space, perfect to wind down at the end of your day with a cup of tea and engage with information to empower you on being well in all the domains of your life.

Pure Tincture is a purveyor of organic and natural skincare and beauty products. Helen and her team also offer great facials and massages using these beautiful products. www.PureTincture.com.

Wed Jul 20, 2016
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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68 Tras Street 02-01
Talk Ticket SOLD OUT $25.00
Venue Address
68 Tras Street 02-01 Singapore
Just a few minutes from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station
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